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Lumber Specifications


The nominal sizes of the lumber are as per the thickness and width as shown in the table above however the tolerance of the sizes of structural timber allow some deviation from these nominal sizes. The actual sizes of regularised structural timber can have a minimum dimension as per the table below.


Nominal Dimensions (mm) Regularised Size (mm)
38 36
50 48
76 73
114 111
152 149
228 225

* This is for SANS compliant products



Mill run lumber is lumber that has been kiln dried however this lumber is rough and un-graded.


All UCL Sawmill’s lumber is kiln dried. Once the lumber is dried to the correct moisture the timber is sorted, regularised and graded. Regularised timber is planed or fine sawn on all faces throughout its entire length to a uniform thickness and width and is graded in accordance to South African National Standards (SANS). The grades of timber are as follows:

XXX (Second Grade)

XXX, second grade or “Black Cross” is a grade of timber which does not comply with the SANS specs for structural timber

S5/S7 (First Grade)

S5, S7 or first grade is a grade of timber which complies with the SANS specs for structural timber. S7 has a higher density than S5 and therefore a higher load strength.

Customer Specific Needs

We principally sell structural timber and consequently comply with SANS 1783-1&2:2013.  This means that each piece of graded timber must bear a marking according to these specs. Special instructions should be given to the sales team in order to receive timber for specific needs. Some of these may be “unmarked timber” (for use in visible furniture or exposed beams), “planed all round” (PAR, where the piece of timber has been planed on all four faces without machine skips or other damage to the customers specifications) or “clears” (clear board, no defects).


At the UCL Sawmill more than 50% of our lumber is sold as treated. We pressure treat with a CCA chemical to protect against decay, insect and fungal attack. The pressure treatment ensures that the chemical reaches the core of the lumber. We offer 2 treatment levels for our lumber.

  • H2 Hazard Class
  • H3 Hazard Class

In certain regions of South Africa it is a regulatory requirement to have lumber treated to at least a H2 hazard class.


Hazard Class Symbol H2 H3
End Use Application (typical examples) Internal External Above Ground
Beams Balustrades
Roof Trusses Fencing Bearers & Struts
Structural Timber Outdoor Decking & Beams
Ceiling Boards Flooring Garden Furniture
Panelling Laminated Beams
Doors Weather Board
Cupboards Cladding
Skirting Log Homes
Window Frames Gates
Plywood Fascia Boards


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