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The UCL group is a convergence of the ever changing face of progress and the solid foundations of past experiences and founding principles. In support of our well-established practices we continuously and ardently seek to promote a sense of
community and relationship building in all that we undertake.

This is our vision, this is UCL

The UCL family is not just content with past successes, our continued commitment to innovation and self-improvement drives us to reach new heights on behalf of all our stakeholders. It is our goal to actively pursue growth and value creation in order to realise the opportunities inherent in global agriculture, while continually addressing the pertinent issues of sustainability and credibility in the UCL sphere of influence. Part of our brand positioning effort is to unify our diversified operations under one corporate banner with the aim of developing and building the name of UCL as a trusted Brand in the hearts of our suppliers and customers through our time tested and trusted products as well as our commitment to excellence. From this platform we promote both the historic and progressive values of our business in striving for new levels of success and growth. Our business has evolved from a family of farmers into a conduit for economic growth that crosses local and international borders, bringing together an integrated network of communities, suppliers, partners and customers. It is this multi-purpose philosophy that underlines our resolute ambition to promote
strong leadership, commitment, hard work and endurance.


Our Mission

We will actively pursue growth to realise the current opportunities inherent in global agricultural and related products, while addressing the pertinent issues of agricultural sustainability & credibility in the UCL sphere of influence.  

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