What UCL Offers

UCL Company (Pty) Ltd has a 24 hour manufacturing facility in Dalton as well as several farms in the Kwa-Zulu Natal region. 


Foremost in UCL’s efforts to make the group an integrated, sustainable and profitable agricultural organization is its affiliation with its suppliers. It is a ...

Sugar & Molasses

The decline in demand for wattle extract products in 1958 caused the company to look at the viability of using its factory downtime in the winter months to manufacture sugar. ...


Our sawmill is based in Glenside in the picturesque KZN midlands in South Africa. The saw mill was originally known as Kὒsel sawmills and has been in operation since 1935


The UCL Trading Division is an old style farmers’ co-operative store that supplies the surrounding community with their agricultural inputs at the best possible prices ...

Wattle Extract

Mimosa tanning extract is a natural product derived from the bark of a Black Wattle tree (Acacia mearnsii), originally from Australia. The bark of the Black Wattle contains high levels of tannin which can be used to cure and colour leather...

Our Mission

We will actively pursue growth to realise the current opportunities inherent in global agricultural and related products, while addressing the pertinent issues of agricultural sustainability & credibility in the UCL sphere of influence.